25 Year Product Warranty
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Providing Assurance Of Quality And Performance

Being told by a manufacturer that a product is high quality is all well and good, but how can you know for sure unless the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their products and back that up.


25Yr Product Warranty Coverage

All the products stamped with the DINTEK 25yr Product Warranty are automatically covered under our 25yr product replacement policy.

The DINTEK 25yr Product Warranty, warrants that the products covered are free from physical defects and that with normal and resonable usage should continue to work for a period not exceeding 25 Years from the date of purchase.

Warranty Remedy

If the products covered in the warranty should fail to work either up to 25 years from the date of purchase, or should fail to work before the specified mechanical lifetime of the products has been reached (under normal usage), then DINTEK (having established cause and liability) will, at it's own discretion, provide the parts required to either repair or replace the faulty products free of charge.


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So What Is Covered

We take a closer look here at some of the main components that make up the structured cabling system.
When looking at what comes under the 25yr Product Warranty, we need to be clear on what is covered and what is not.
Twisted Pair Cables
Keystone Jacks
In order to cover the replacement of products within a 25yr period, we must first be able to be certain that the products were used in what is considered standard use and that they were not subjected to environmental or physical conditions for which they were not design. Take for example, the plugging and unplugging of a patch cord 10 times per day. This will see the rated 750cycle rating of that product breached much sooneer than what was intended.
Therefore, the products covered by the DINTEK 25year Product Warranty are essentially the products that make up the permananet link of a system. That being the outlet on the wall, the cabling in the horizontal link, any consolodation point materials and the patch panel or cross connect. 

To cover a more comprehensive range of products requires the DINTEK 25 System Warranty which is available to DINTEK approved and/or trained installers.  


Patch Panels

Warranty Conditions

In order for this warranty to be valid, we need to make sure that the product is original DINTEK brand, is not second hand, and has been treated and used in the manner it was intended.
The products must initially supplied directly by DINTEK or through  a distributor approved by DINTEK.
The products must not be misused, damaged, abused, removed from the original site, or have been relocated within the original site by a technician that does not have data experience.
The products installed must not have been used previously.
The end user must provide free access to the products for both the original installer and/or DINTEK representative to investigate if needed.
The Warranty does not cover claims for consequential loss or damage, loss of profits or any other loss or damage that may result from the failure of any individual part or parts.
The defective product, resulting from an unauthorized or improper system design, installation (regardless of installer certification), use, repair, or any system variation, misuse, neglect, accidents, fire, water damage or abuse and acts of God will render the warranty null and void.
This Warranty does not cover the cost for the implementation of any temporary solutions whilst any part covered by the warranty may be inoperable and awaiting remedy.
This warranty is for repair or replacement of product only and does not include any labour or incidental costs to carry out the replacement of the product.

Limitations & Exclusions

There are certain limitations and exclusions which will leave the warranty void. In addition there are certain things which are specifically not covered. It is important to note these.

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