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ezi-LABEL cable marking system


About ezi-LABEL from DINTEK

helping to create An Identity

DINTEK's new ezi-LABELTM system is now offered to our customers for the use of identification and labelling of twisted pair cables.

Properly labelled cables while often marginalized, are an essential part of a structured cabling system or fiber optic network.

By labelling and classifying cables this helps to identify connections and can be part of a standards based system like the ANSI/TIA 606. Labelling cables also can prevent people from tampering with or unplugging cables they shouldn’t, which reduces the risk of downtime.

An efficient marking and labelling system is crucial as it saves time when troubleshooting and money when moving, adding or changing your cabling system.

The DINTEK ezi-LABELTM labelling system offers a comprehensive selection of cable markers, both numeric and alphabetical as well as in multiple colors, and including application wands.

ezi-LABEL Uses

can be used in

  • Structured Cabling
  • CATV, distribution box,
  • Indoor office, and outdoor wiring
  • Patch Cord Identification

Additionaly, if the markers need to be changed, they can be removed without cutting off terminals and cables.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and simple to use pre-printed nylon Snap-On markers
  • Ideal  for use either pre or post-termination or for maintenance and repair
  • Markers lock together to give perfect text alignment
  • Vibration-resistant markers that grip onto wire and cable tightly
  • Applicator tool holds a 20-marker strip
  • Comes in Cat.5e, Cat.6 & Cat.6A sizes
  • Gripping system locks markers onto wire and resists rotation
  • Available as standard in White with black text
  • Also available in Yellow, Green, Red, Blue & Orange

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