PowerMAX500 Connectors
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No structured solution link can perform based on the cabling alone. The culmination of turning a high performing twisted pair cable into an optimal bandwidth delivery medium is the connection of that cable onto high performing termination hardware. DINTEK PowerMAX500TM ezi-JACK’s are the termination hardware at the heart of the DINTEK PowerMAX500TM and PowerMAX500TM system. Tested and verified to handle the latest PoE Standards IEEE802.3bt Type 3 and 4. And allowing the succesful transmission of 10Gigiabit ethernet on DINTEK PowerMAX500TM cabling up to a legnth of 70mtrs. The DINTEK PowerMAX500TM Range of jacks come in the following configurations below.

DINTEK PowerMAXTM.... High performance and superior connections you can rely on.

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