The Benefits of Certification

By joining an exclusive group of contractors that are dedicated to reliable network design and proper installation to ensure up-time and high performance, certified cable installers offer benefits that others cannot. One of the biggest benefits is the advantage of offering product warranty to customers, such as DINTEK's 25 year product or full system warranty. Aside from the peace of mind that a manufacturer's warranty provides, here are some more benefits to certification - whether you're the owner, the consultant or the installer.

Keep out substandard materials and workmanship

Requiring certification of your network cabling puts the cabling contractor on notice: you won't be accepting substandard components or work – so don't even try. Contractors who cut corners may not bid when certification is required – and that's a simple way to weed those firms out. 

 Further, since certifying will show the performance details of the link including crosstalk and return loss, you'll have a clear picture as to why a link might fail. 

 Testers such as DINTEK's Continuity Twin-Testers provides instant identification of most common voice and data cabling problems including shorts, opens, reversals, and incorrect polarity. 

 This allows the contractor to remedy those problems quickly, keeping your project on schedule, before full certification testing is carried out.


Avoid the blame game with peace of mind

When several stakeholders – the installer, the owner's network team and the manufacturer – all have the potential to impact performance, wouldn't it be nice to have a certification report that shows the network performed at the time of installation? That makes it difficult for anyone to point the finger when performance issues arise down the road.

Cable certification is less expensive than repair

Network downtime extracts a painful price in lost revenue, lost productivity, diminished customer service and competitive disadvantage. The Contingency Planning Group performed a study that estimated the cost of an hour of enterprise network downtime between USD$14,500 and USD$6,500,000, depending on the industry. The Gartner Group estimated that an hour of enterprise network downtime costs USD$300,000 per hour, on average. 

 If an enterprise is challenged to improve its annual uptime from 99.9% to 99.99%, it needs to reduce downtime by eight hours. Using the Gartner Group's conservative estimate of downtime cost, this saves an enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. 

There are many causes of downtime. A Gartner/Dataquest study pointed the finger at human error and application failure 80% of the time. But if the network represents just 20% of the cause, it accounts for US$67,000 of the exposure.

Contrast this to the cost of certification. A network with 600 Cat 6 copper lines undergoes certification testing. A realistic assumption is that 5% of the links fail the initial test and must be repaired and retested. Using a Certified Tester, the entire process of cable certification will take approximately 11 staff-hours. At a commercial rate of USD$65 per hour, the expense is less than USD$750. 

USD$750 for insurance to achieve USD$67,000 in savings: even more if the network supports a high-value business operation such as credit card, retail or brokerage transactions. The case is certification is self-evident.

You can't trust link lights!

Certification and re-certification will future-proof the infrastructure

Just because the little light on the port is on or blinking to indicate activity, doesn't mean the network is performing as it should. Maybe it's slow, maybe there are high bit errors or maybe it doesn't work at all. Link lights won't tell you that, but certification will.
A re-certified cabling plant may prove to support higher-speed traffic that is deployed years after the initial cable installation. Support for higher speeds is increasingly essential.

For more information on attaining Installer Certification through DINTEK and becoming an Authorized Installer,
 watch our Structured Cabling Training Series video on YouTube.

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