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DINTEK ezi-PLUG RJ45 Pass Through Connection

DINTEK's ezi-PLUGTM pass through termination combines the performance advantage of DINTEK design with a design which allows the terminations of RJ45 Plugs to Cat6 & Cat5e cables quicker, more accurate with reduced Near End Cross Talk at the plug.

As installers, we all have to make direct connections onto RJ45 plugs. Whether it is making a patch cord, or making a connection for a device which does not require an outlet and jack, but can be directly connected. With Cat5e RJ45 plugs we were dealing with smaller cables, and cables without central dividers in them. Cat.6 cabling changed that, and made it more difficult to terminate a 4pair UTP cable into an RJ45 plug.

There are a few issues that came with terminating larger cables into the same sized plugs. For a start the wires are stiffer to work with, and because we have to cut them to a short length, getting them into the RJ45 jack became a much harder proposition. Therefore it took more time to do the termination. It was also difficult to verify that the wires were remaining in their correct configuration.

Quite often wires would move while being inserted, which meant that the configuration was incorrect. If this was noticed, then the wires had to be removed, and quite often one would have to start again. If it was not noticed, and the RJ45 Plug was crimped, then the plug was lost, and the installer has to start again. Either way, there was more time lost.

In order to try and make sure that the wires remained in correct configuration, many installers would make the length of the wires longer, giving them more control, and minimizing transposing wires. This in turn created another problem. Because the length was longer the amount of untwist was also greater and so there was more Near End Cross Talk and therefore a lowering of overall bandwidth on the entire link.

As you can see from this picture there is quite a large amount of untwist inside the RJ45 Plug. This was considered to be necessary and normal, but as a manufacturer we wondered how we might be able to make terminating the plugs easier, quicker and improve the performance of the plugs terminations as well.

That is why we released the DINTEK ezi-PLUGTM pass through termination. The results have been impressive to say the least, as it has made terminations of RJ45 Plugs to Cat6 & cat5e cables quicker, more accurate and it has reduced Near End Cross Talk at the plug because the amount of untwist has been reduced.

The ezi-PLUG Pass Through RJ45 Connector is designed to allow the wires to pass out through the front of the connector. Designed with a step back from the front of the connector, it guarantees that wires do not make contact with any equipment.

When terminating using the ezi-PLUG, the wires can be cut off at a longer length so they can pass through the front and also allowing the installer to have better control of the insertion into the plug.

Because the wires can be passed through the front of the plug, the installer can view and verify the configuration of the wires and make sure that no crossovers or transpositions have taken place while inserting the wires.

The issue of increased NEXT has been taken care of, because by being able to push the cable further into the connector, there is reduced untwist between terminals and cable twists.

Once ready, the plug (with or without boot) can be inserted into the Pass-Through Crimp tool and while crimping the plug the wires are trimmed off from the fitted blade on the tool.

The end result is a quick to fit RJ45 plug with easy verification of color configuration and as the diagram above demonstrates, an increased performance ability.

For specific features and applications of the DINTEK Pass Through RJ45 ezi-Plug, visit our product page, or contact our sales team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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