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ezi-Fiber Quick Assembly LC Connectors

DINTEK's ezi-FIBERTM Mechanical LC Connectors provide an inexpensive, & efficient toolless alternative to terminating fibers without the need for a fusion splicer. ezi-FIBERTM LC Connectors use V-groove technology, to align the fibers together and maintain physical contact between the fibers. No assembly tool is required to ensure the fibers are mated correctly. The resulting connection using the connector results in an average insertion loss of about 0.1dB.


◻ FTTx
◻ Pigtail connections
◻ (FTTx) applications
◻ Telecommunications
◻ Local area network


◻ Minimal tools required
◻ Fast splicing time
◻ For 250 µm and/or 900 µm buffers
◻ Uses V-Groove alignment technology
◻ 30 Second Termination Time
◻ Connectors Are Re-usable
◻ Insertion loss of approx 0.1dB
◻ Can be joined to make duplex

Remove Dust Cap and clean Ferrule.
Connect LC with fiber VFL to verify connections.

Slide on correct boot, and screw cover. Prepare fiber as below. Strip and clean it. Cleave fiber precisely.

Take off Release Key & Turn on the VFL fiber light checker.

Insert fiber to LC Connector until it touches the fiber inside.

Form a small curve. Then, press metal Button to connect fibers. You will see no leakage of red light for a low loss.

Lock Boot and Wear Dust Cap. Now the connection is complete.

The ezi-FIBER LC Connector is re-usable should the fiber not be seated correctly. Insert Release Key back to release the metal Button.

How to connect a 3.0mm cable. Insert fiber as shown above. Cut strength member after locking Boot.

How to make it as duplex, Triplex & Quadruplex.
Clamp connectors side by side to create multi configurations.

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