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There is much more to cabling system performance than buying good quality cable and connecting hardware. In order to ensure that your system performs to its full potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered.

Because of these critical factors, DINTEK Electronic Ltd developed the DINTEK Certified Installer Program, to offer training to our installers enabling them to install standards based structured cabling networks that would be able to take advantage of our comprehensive 25yr Warranty. The DINTEK certified structured cabling training program provides a comprehensive theory and practical skills 1, 2 or 3-day course on the theory and installation of structured cabling systems.25 Year Warranty

The DINTEK 25yr System Warranty provides the recipient with the security and assurance of knowing that their installed DINTEK system will provide the performance they need to meet their long term networking needs.
The program offers a 25-year standards based product, system performance and application assurance warranty that applies to all certified and registered links in an installation project.
The program warrants that these links will meet minimum performance requirements as specified in the relevant Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards (EIA/TIA 568 and IEC 11801).

With this minimum requirement of performance, the end user is assured that their installed system will support networking applications today and into the future which have been designed to run on their cabling system.
If any certified links subsequently fail to meet specified performance requirements, the DINTEK warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective components and/or cable and the labor associated with this repair or replacement as per the terms of the warranty.

The requirements of the warranty program include installer certification, verified compliance with the design, installation, maintenance and operation practices as well as test, labeling and administration procedures as specified in the 568C Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standards.

These minimum requirements ensure that all the links will provide the expected performance requirements and also help facilitate easy changes, additions and relocation's which will decrease the end users total cost of ownership over time.

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