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Network equipment and data cables are costly to install and demand clarity of bandwidth to guarantee network performance. Therefor there should be careful attention to quality workmanship during installation phase. DINTEK's range of installation tools help the installer to address this concern. Our tools are designed to operate precisely and effectively, reducing re-work costs and overall project implementation time all the while keeping in mind the safety of the installer. The tools include cable preparation and termination tools as well as various network test equipment.

Product Code: 6103-01006
ezi-TOOL180 - Vertical Tool

Product Code: 6100-00001
Keystone Jack Working Base

Product Code: 6102-01001
DINTEK Heavy Duty RJ45 Crimp Tool

Product Code: 6102-01002
DINTEK Premium RJ45 Crimp Tool

Product Code: 6103-01001
DINTEK 110 Punchdown Termination Tool

Product Code: 6103-04001
DINTEK 5-Pair 110 Punchdown Tool

Product Code: 6106-01003
LAN Technician Maintenance Tool Kit

Product Code: 6106-02005
Professional Epoxy Fiber Tool Kit

Product Code: 6201-03004
DINTEK Continuity Twin-Testers

Product Code: 8204-03001
TECHBENCH Termination Kit

Product Code: 6101-05002
DINTEK UTP/STP Cable Strippers

Product Code: 6101-01006
DINTEK Economy UTP Cable Stripper

Product Code: DIN-CLEB
DINTEK Fiber Optic Cleaning Box

Product Code: DIN-CLP-MPO
DINTEK One Push MPO/MTP Optic Cleaner

Product Code: DIN-CLEP-125
DINTEK 1.25mm LC Connector Cleaning Pen

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