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“Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing the growth of our customers.”     

                                                                                        Jason Chang - Managing Director


This month, in the spotlight, we look at the 568-C cabling standards. Why the standards were updated from the old 568-B family and what major changes were made between the two. We also look at the importance of installation proceedures and what it takes to become a DINTEK Certified Installer.

The last topic under the spotlight this month is the addition of the IEC Lock range of products to the DINTEK range. We look at the products and the benefits they provide in high availability and high uptime situations...

IEC LOCK Now Available

DINTEK Electronic Limited's Connectors division is pleased to announce the addition to its range of products, the IEC LOCK Unique Lockable Female C13 and C19 IEC Connectors and Outlets. ...

Get Yourself Certified

There is much more to being a succsesful structured cabling installer, than simply pulling cable. The following article outlines the DINTEK installer program and what can be gained from attending it. ...


Navigating The Standards...

As of 2014, the TIA standard is at revision C, replacing the 2001 revision B, and the 1995 revision A, which are now obsolete. Find out what is new and updated in the 568-C Standards.



Topics Of interest

Are You Ready For Category 8 ?

Category 8, the next-generation twisted-pair cabling specification, is still in development, but the outlook looks quite positive that it will be specified to 2GHz... Read More...

Do You Know Your Fiber Color Coding ?

Color-coding is an integral part of our industry, as it helps to identify individual fibers, cable, and connectors. A fiber cable’s jacket color is typically defined by the fiber type, and can differ based on mode or performance level. Read More...

Welcome To DINTEK

Here at DINTEK Electronics, we keep our focus on our customers by continually adhering to our three core values of Quality, Loyalty and Efficiency. This video gives a brief overview of what we do. Read More

Come Train With Us

Are you interested in becoming a DINTEK Certified Installer? Would you like to be up to date with thew latest standards and installation practices? Read More

Connect Faster With Us

At DINTEK, we think that our Quick-ConnectTM Jacks make fitting off UTP and shielded cable a breeze. So we thought we'd show you exactly how much time could be saved. Read More

Next Installer Training Course

DCI Course Series - Santiago, Chile 22nd-27th October 2014

dcicAn opportunity for installers to learn the latest installation and termination techniques for premises cabling exists with our Installer training Program. The courses available equip you with the knowhow you need to provide you with a competitive edge in pricing, enhancing the value of your work, and ultimately your reputation and leads.
The course includes an overview of LAN cabling systems, industry standards and practical workshops covering termination of Copper and Fiber optic products. 
Register Your Interest Here...

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